We accept all patients, with or without insurance plans.

Additionally, we are on the specialist panel listed below:

Corporate Insurance

Alliance Healthcare

AIA, HSBC Life, Alliance Medinet, AVIVA, Great Eastern, NTUC Income, Prudential, Tokio Marine, QBE, Cigna


HSBC Life, Great Eastern, NTUC Income, Tokio Marine


AIA, AVIVA, MHC Medical Network, NTUC Income


Cigna, Parkway Shenton, Henner, AIA

Integrated Health Plans (IHP)
International SOS
Magenta Wellness

Medisave (for local patients)

Cataract surgery and most other eye procedures such as lasers and injections are Medisave claimable. For surgery or admissions, Medisave claims will be processed by the admitting hospital. You may visit MOH Medisave website to learn more.

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We understand that each patient comes with their unique concerns. We customize our approach to ensure that we provide each patient with the appropriate treatment to address their needs.